During the day, I play UX designer and consultant (and sometimes critic). I love user experience/industrial design wins and fails, either in the real world or online; doors that you push open but their handles say otherwise, drink holders in cars that obstruct the stereo controls, or buttons on water dispensers that do nothing. Once I sat for an hour and watched people trying to figure out a new drink machine interface at a Taco Bell (more on that in an upcoming post).

When not “ux-ing” I am an avid gardner, photographer (digital and film), reader (real books – not on tablets or Kindles), antique/thrift-store junkie, collector (depends on the flavor), volunteer and foster parent for an animal shelter, backyard bird enthusiast, lover of nature, and Halloween costume designer (to epic lengths). I also think Carol Burnett is a comedic genius and channel her whenever possible.

I started this blog because I was getting bored, and needed to flex my writing muscle. So thanks for visiting and I hope I don’t disappoint.

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