How The Guardian gets image management done – right

The Grid image service allows very fast search across our library of over 3 million pictures. Illustration: The Guardian

I’m currently in the midst of architecting and designing an image “management” tool for users to be able to upload, tens, if not hundreds, of images for the purposes of matching them to products to sell online, once the images have been submitted through an internal workflow (yet another tool – but not on my plate).

A fellow co-worker suggested that I look into the Guardian’s case study of the Grid; the Guardian’s now open-source image management system tool.

I’m in LOVE. L-O-V-E. with the approach.

Not only does has the Guardian open-sourced the tool, they’ve shared the methodology behind it’s creation (Programmer Anarchy), and presented insights from the UX perspective on how the entire team was able to get on the same page, at the same time, and work together to champion all the users–an actual shared Vision complete with succinct goals and KPIs.

Not to mention, a drool-worthy short video sizzle reel of the Guardian’s UX Studios.

Read the entire case study here.

Then bring on the anarchy.

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