UX Mobile Immersion Conference 2014 – Day 3

I begged the powers-that-be to send me to the UX Mobile Immersion Conference (#UXIM) in Denver, Colorado this year. I started submitting requests and rationale in November 2013. Since I got a passive aggressive “nope,” I’m living vicariously through Twitter right now, following #UXIM. There are some amazingly fun and informative tweets coming from the conference right now, my favorites listed below.

Creating apps that are ‘usable’ are the equivalent to food being ‘edible’ ” – Jared Spool

Jason Grigsby: When Responsive Design Meets the Real World

  • Jason Grisgby has led us all down a responsive workflow, now he is going to tell us how wrong we all are.
  • “I now use progressive JPEGs, the algorithms have gotten better”
  • “Answer to responsive tables: “What are you using the table for?” Then plan #RWD around that.”
  • To do responsive web design correctly, you are probably going to need more than responsive web design”

Nate Schutta: Coding Prototypes, Even if You’ve Never Tried

  • “If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many meetings is a prototype worth?”
  • “Friends don’t let friends use IE 6.”
  • jQuery Mobile is a HTML5-based user interface system designed to make responsive web sites and apps that are accessible on all smartphone, tablet and desktop devices.”

Karen McGrane: Adapting Your content for Mobile

  • “Print is awesome. You put the words on the paper and they stay there!”
  • “Whatever the next big thing is going to be, we are going to have to get our content onto it.”
  • “Thinking about where content will ‘live’ on a ‘web page’ is pretty 1999.” – Lisa Welchman via Karen McGrane
  • “Imitating paper on a computer screen is like tearing the wings off a 737 & using it as a bus on the highway” Ted Nelson via Karen McGrane
  • “We need systems that allow us to create content hierarchy programmatically to better translate into other platforms.”
  • “Truncation is not a content strata…”
  • We have to treat content management as UX. Content creators often want to crawl back to Word & a simple WYSIWYG.”
  • The purpose of doing the inventory is not so you have an inventory, it is so you can make decisions about the content.”
  • The user’s goal is not to look at a table. It is to give them the info they need in order to complete a task.”

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