(A few) Figma shortcuts

It seems like each new job asks you to learn a new design/wireframe/prototyping app. While yes, they are all more or less the same, there’s always a learning curve. And while tutorials are helpful, nothing beats learning while doing.

When I arrived at my current employer, I had to transition from Sketch to Figma. One thing I did to speed up my learning process was to copy other designers files and deconstruct their designs. All while working on a design and prototype. Lots of head banging, but I’ve come out the other end of it smarter and more efficient.

And yet, I only know a fraction of what Figma can do. Some of this is due in part to using an existing design system, so I don’t “need” to apply certain design techniques because the components I need are prebuilt and on brand. Until a proof of concept (POC) came along that is so dramatically different it presented a great opportunity to copy and deconstruct.

Once again, I am learning about the design capabilities by deconstructing a very advanced user’s files. I’m also searching the web for shortcuts and design-related how to’s. I thought I’d share the links in case, like me, you’re wondering too. (Yeah, I know, they are total “duhs”)



Keyboard shortcuts ( I was looking for flip horizontal/vertical)

Another great way to learn by do is to check out Figma’s Community; you get files and examples of features and functions.

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